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Founded in Bielefeld in 2000, PlasmidFactory GmbH is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) of plasmid and minicircle DNA, providing plasmids and related products to many major national and international customers working in the areas of gene and cell therapy, CAR-T cell development, and genetic vaccination.

Our modus operandi is to apply entrepreneurship to the service of science. We accept no compromises in either quality or competency, and our products and processes are continuously optimized and redeveloped as needed. Our ambition is to drive visionary research with new, compelling ideas and extraordinary techniques, and to foster progress in healthcare by providing customers with exceptionally pure plasmids and minicircle DNA with which to advance their clinical and research programs.

Our modus operandi is to apply entrepreneurship to the service of science.

We are since ever working in close collaboration with renown industrial and academic partners

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PlasmidFactory partnered with ARCHIMED to accelerate the company’s expansion. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, ARCHIMED is a leading global investment firm focusing exclusively on the healthcare industries.


We also co-operate with national and international partners.

BioIndustryHellenic Society of Gene Therapy and Regenerative MedicineAmerican Society of Gene and Cell TherapyDG-GT e.V. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gentherapie und Zellulaere Therapie e.V.ClinigeneBritish Society for Gene and Cell TherapySociété Française de Thérapie Cellulaire et GéniqueEuropean Society of Gene and Cell TherapyGEM Bielefeld 2021Bundesministerium für Bildung und ForschungBundesministerium für Wirtschaft und EnergieMinisterium für Wirtschaft Innovation Digitalisierung und Energie des Landes Nordrhein Westfalen

In September 2022, PlasmidFactory partnered with ARCHIMED.
ARCHIMED is acting as a key catalyst for rapid and efficient capacity expansion, exemplified by helping the company move into GMP. Further, ARCHIMED continues PlasmidFactory’s decades of investment in the scientific development of plasmid DNA manufacturing and IP such as the minicircle, while scaling up the team for the next phase of growth.

With €7.5 billion assets under management across its various funds, ARCHIMED is a leading private equity firm dedicated to investing in the healthcare industries with prioritized areas of focus including Biopharma Products, Consumer Health, Healthcare IT, In Vitro Diagnostics, Life Science Tools & Biologic Services, MedTech, and Pharma Services.

ARCHIMED partners with growing companies in the European and North American mid-cap healthcare sectors, buying stakes in companies, in association with existing owners and managers. It brings decades of medical, scientific, operational, and financial experience, and has identified specific value creation levers to help accomplish its goals of accelerating the growth of its companies and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

It is precisely this diversity of expertise that allows us to tackle challenges from multiple angles.

Teamwork makes
the dream work

The PlasmidFactory team is made up of professionals from diverse scientific backgrounds, including biologists, biotechnologists, chemists, and engineers. It is precisely this diversity of expertise that allows us to tackle challenges from multiple angles using distinct approaches and developing innovative, tailored solutions to our customers‘ needs in collaboration with our own R&D department.


GMP Laboratory No.1
Fully equipped laboratory building
49 employees


New modern storage capacity with an additional 240 square metres
38 employees


High Quality Laboratory No.3
Fully equipped laboratory building
31 employees


High Quality Laboratory No.2
27 employees


14 employees


High Quality Laboratory No.1
12 employees


Founded in 2000
Rental lab at Bielefeld University
2 employees

Our History

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We supply customers all over the world

Our trademarks

PlasmidFactory holds worldwide trademark rights for the following technologies:

MIDGE® System

An alternative concept for the production of minimal DNA vectors, which contain only the information necessary for the intended effect.

More about the MIDGE® System


PlasmidFactory’s proprietary technology enables amplification of plasmid DNA containing sensitive inverted terminal repeats (ITR).



PlasmidFactory’s proprietary technology can amplify plasmid DNA containing long polyA stretches.


Our target: first-class end products of guaranteed quality, within a reasonable timeframe

Quality management

Our philosophy is to manufacture final products with defined quality features within a reasonable timeframe. Every production method is described in written instructions and all processes described in the QM manual are monitored and documented. Regulations in the form of binding SOPs are available for all quality-relevant activities and are continuously updated and expanded. Relevant regulations and statutory provisions are incorporated into our internal processes. All work is carried out by an appropriate number of trained and qualified employees, using suitable resources. This ensures the fulfillment of scientific tasks with the greatest possible expertise. Our organizational structure ensures the effective cooperation of all elements, ensuring optimal quality.

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Environment – social –


At PlasmidFactory, we are committed to incorporating the key tenets of environmental and social governance into the services we provide, to ensure a better future for all. This includes reducing the impact of our operations to minimize negative environmental impacts and implementing sustainable, environmentally responsible practices; building a healthy organizational culture based on the integrity, accountability, and rigorous application of the highest ethical standards; and ensuring maximum transparency at all levels of corporate governance.

Ordering &

PlasmidFactory has already produced more than 3,000 individual, distinct plasmids on customer request. We guarantee delivery of the quantity ordered.
Would you like to find out how you can benefit from PlasmidFactory's service for the production of your individual plasmids and in-stock products? Take a look at our sample order process!


State-of-the-art Workflow

Ordering plasmid/minicircle production


  • You have decided to save time and to reduce your workload: You engage PlasmidFactory to produce your plasmids. Key details such as order quantity and plasmid DNA quality grade, buffer system, required concentration, etc. are clarified.

Sample shipment

  • You send a 20 µg DNA sample in a padded envelope to PlasmidFactory.

Reception QC

  • PlasmidFactory blinds your order by assigning a “PF-number” and creates a new database entry, in which all other steps are documented. PlasmidFactory performs the routine reception Quality Control (QC).

Transformation/strain selection

  • PlasmidFactory transforms E. coli production strains with your plasmid and selects the optimal clone for production. Based on this and depending on the requested Quality grade, a glycerol stock or a comprehensively characterized cell bank is produced.


  • Cultivation is initiated based on the glycerol stock. PlasmidFactory uses several specific proprietary E. coli production strains.

DNA purification

  • PlasmidFactory uses optimized and multi-stage chromatographic methods for plasmid purification. This guarantees consistently high DNA quality and reproducibility, ensuring consistency of your research findings. Depending on your individual order, further purification steps may be included to ensure plasmid purity at the highest level.

Product QC

  • PlasmidFactory prepares a detailed QC report, which you will receive after the production. Up to seven different quality control tests are performed by default and are already included in the service. Further QC tests, e.g. sequencing, can be requested individually.

Dry ice shipment/delivery

  • Plasmid or minicircle product is transported on dry ice at the requested concentration and amount.


  • For each re-order, PlasmidFactory guarantees the same product specifications as in the initial order, ensuring reproducibility of your experiments.

DNA to go

Ordering In-Stock products


  • You have decided to save time and to reduce routine work: Order PlasmidFactory’s In-Stock products.

Dry ice shipment and delivery

  • You will receive the plasmid or minicircle product in dry ice in the desired concentration and guaranteed amount.


  • For each re-order, PlasmidFactory guarantees the same product specifications as in the initial order so that you ensure the reproducibility of your experiments.
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Advance your application or research with plasmids designed and produced according to your needs.

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We are aware of our responsibility towards our fellow human beings and the environment. We act in accordance with general ESG (Environmental Social Governance) criteria.