2nd AVP Interactive Workshop on ATMP, 2022

September 30 – 30, 2022
online, Course No. 6828

CAR-T-cells - where do we stand – “Bridging standard pharma concepts and ATMP”

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Minicircle DNA as raw material for gmp manufacturing in CAR-T cell therapy
Market supply
Centralized vs decentralized production
New developments

Goals of the seminar
The workshop will focus on Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMP) as products in development for market supply. Speakers will share background knowledge gained during strategic planning and pharmaceutical development of designated nonorphan drugs. In the afternoon session of the first workshop day round table discussions will provide a platform for the participants to discuss their own topics, issues and strategy in an interactive manner. Share background knowledge for pharmaceutical and strategic development of Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMP).

The workshop will exclusively provide the combination to share background knowledge supportive for market access of ATMP and to discuss questions about own product portfolio.

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