ASGCT, 2023 – 26th Annual Meeting with Tools & Technology lecture

May 16 – 20, 2023
Los Angeles/USA

Booth 651

Join us for ASGCT’s 26th Annual Meeting!
PlasmidFactory has been regularly showcasing its products and services at this important meeting since many years. This conference is marked by one of the biggest footfalls, over 200 exhibitors, cutting edge science presented in brilliant talks from the top-notch experts in the field and a record number of oral and poster presentations. To put it short: if you were in the cell and gene therapy space, you had to be here!In 2023, we were excited to be back here after a break during the past three years due to the global pandemic and we couldn't wait to meet our customers back in person. In this summer, the meeting moved to the picturesque city of Los Angeles, offering a stunning location for exchanging inspiring ideas and forging new collaborations over dinners at exclusive neighborhoods such as West Hollywood.

Represented by our Head of Project Management Dr. Marco Schmeer, Quality Management Ms. Mareike Wiedemann and our Manager R&D Dr. Ram Shankar, PlasmidFactory's stand at the Exhibitor Hall was buzzing with activity. Amply supported by our partners from Archimed, our stand was a hub of discussions over the course of four days resulting in multiple new project ideas. We met many familiar faces as well and discussed on how to deepen existing commercial as well as research partnerships. What starts as a friendly chat at the ASGCT booth, goes through countless rounds of emails and video calls over the following months resulting in a potential new study or a viable and productive commercial partnership over the next few years- therefore, the ASGCT annual meeting is an event of paramount importance for us - both scientifically as well as for business. Many thanks to the organisers for putting up such a great show.

So why not stop by?

The Fifteen-minute spotlight - this is your chance!

26th Annual Meeting with Tools & Technology lecture
An important part of our ASGCT meeting portfolio has always been the exhibitor-exclusive company presentation stage termed Tools and Technology Forum. This fifteen minute-pitch is a major crowd puller at the exhibitor hall and this is where CMOs present their offerings and showcase their expertise in their respective fields. PlasmidFactory has been very successful in the past in these presentations where it is particularly worth mentioning our joint representation with other companies catering to the downstream manufacturing and analytical services for example for AAV vectors. In the 2023 Tools and Technology Forum, PlasmidFactory decided to focus on its recent success in realising the scale-up of its High Quality manufacturing processes. In a detailed presentation, we showed our increase in productivity on the upstream as well as downstream side resulting in the capability for achieving multiple gram quantities of HQ plasmid DNA. We showed how this was possible thanks to the rapid planning and construction of our HQ3 manufacturing facility, thanks to a grant by the state ministry, so that we could accelerate production of HQ plasmid DNA starting material for COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidates during the pandemic. We also presented a teaser of our next big milestone- following the official announcement of the backing provided by our investors Archimed, work was already started on the construction of our first GMP DNA manufacturing facility, with production expected to roll out in 2024.

Great surroundings often set the stage for strong partnerships to be founded- in this regard, the closing night reception is an important part of the meeting where unique memories are also made. It's not everyday that you groove to live music with your colleagues and partners while standing beneath an actual space shuttle (Endeavour)!

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