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November 10 | 2021

In-Stock Services for Helper & Packaging and vector plasmids

With the rapid developments in the field of gene therapy, the use of viral vectors, especially AAV, to treat various monogenic, inherited diseases in human patients is gaining momentum. Nonetheless, there are still options to optimize the production of such vectors in mammalian cells.

PlasmidFactory is the exclusive worldwide provider of a 2-Plasmid-System for production of AAV vectors and holds the exclusive license from the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) for global production, distribution and use of Helper & Packaging Plasmids of the pDG and pDP family.

We offer a large variety of Helper & Packaging plasmids for the production of serotype-specific AAV vectors. These plasmids are available from our In-Stock Service.

Optimisation of AAV production with our exclusive, our 2-Plasmid-System

AAV as important tool in the field of gene therapy

Advances in the field of gene therapy have demonstrated the potential of viral vectors to treat various monogenic, inherited diseases in human patients. Thanks to their unique characteristics, recombinant vectors derived from adeno-associated virus (AAV) represent a particularly effective means of delivering therapeutic genes to their targets.

Optimizing production of these recombinant AAV vectors to meet the demand for increasingly large quantities, while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness, is a key challenge.

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